Memento     & for Naminé

The Witch

A young girl sits alone in a large white room. She is being held captive by a group of nobodies. Despite her only permanent companion being her sketchbook, she is unable to enjoy drawing--she is being forced to tamper with the memories of others. That's her special power, you see. For some reason she can control the memories of Sora's heart and those closest to him. She can rearrange, delete and create new memories. She doesn't know why she has this power...but she does know that Organization XIII is forcing her to do something wrong. However, Naminé complies silently because she has no other choice. Or does she?

    → JOURNAL ENTRIES - official descriptions
    → UNIQUE NOBODY - why she is different
    → MOTIVATION - why she does what she does
    → NOT A PUSHOVER - moments of inner strength
    → ONLY A SHADOW - her viewpoints on nobodies
    → LITTLE ARTIST - a way to escape
    → LOOKING AT HER NAME - symbolism of waves
    → WHITE SYMBOLISM - drawing connections
    → HER ROLE - working behind the scenes

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