Memento     & for Naminé

December 29th 2018

Hello everyone, Mayumi here. I've adopted Naminé's fanlisting and shrine from Samantha. All of the text that was written by her will NOT be touched. As for Kingdom Hearts III is expected to be released in Janaury (a month from now as I am writing this update here), I will personally be writing to my own part to add to the shrine, since she appears on the front cover of the game and is expected to make an appearance. :)

August 8th 2014

Memento has a new layout featuring a promotional image from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix! I don't have any foreseeable plans for this site in the near future but hopefully Naminé will get more screen time in upcoming games.

April 7th 2013

Well, after working on this for about eight hours straight, Memento is finally fully up and running! All of the content is completed unless Naminé makes an appearance in a future game. I feel about ready to pass out, so that's all I'm going to say for now. Happy browsing!

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