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White Symbolism

In my opinion, Naminé stands out from the other Kingdom Hearts characters because she is the only one who wears one solid color (with the exception of the Organization who all look the same)--white. Therefore, I thought it was important to analyze the color white when thinking about her character.

Typically, white is often associated with purity and innocence. While Naminé is arguably far from being either of these, she was brought into existence this way. She had no memories and no understanding of who she was or why she was born. If she lacked this innocence, it probably would have been harder for Marluxia to have such a tight control over her initially. The white could represent the purity and innocence from Kairi's heart of pure light as well. She ended up the character that she was because Kairi's heart was incapable of holding darkness and thus her dress could be considered a reminder of that.

A second interpretation of the color white is that it represents new beginnings; a blank canvas that can be filled in. I think this could be very representative of Naminé's character because she was basically born as a blank slate. She had no past, no recollection of the people she was born from, etc. She was easily controlled by the Organization and thus it was almost as if they were writing in her blank slate rather than her filling in her own. A blank canvas could also tie in with her sketchbook that she is often shown filling in with pictures of memories.

White can also stand for creativity and growth, which needless to say can tie into her character. Creativity simply because she draws frequently, but the growth because of her growth of heart. She becomes a stronger character throughout the Kingdom Hearts series and I think her growth is a very important. I found it interesting to read that branching off that blank canvas, the power to grow and change also is represented by the same color.

The color white also gives feelings of protection, encouragement, peace and hope. I personally believe that Naminé takes on a bit of a guidance role for Roxas and even arguably a bit for Xion. She tries to instill a bit of hope in Roxas before he is forced to rejoin Sora and enlightens Xion about her situation before she rejoins Sora as well. She also helps Riku during his journey through Castle Oblivion and becomes hope in the darkness, albeit in Kairi's image.

Lastly, the color white has a few negative connotations. Too much white can be associated with isolation and emptiness, which I think is quite fitting considering Castle Oblivion is completely white on the inside. Her prison certainly isolates her from the world and causes her to feel empty and alone. As my introduction to this page stated already, her white dress makes her stand out from the rest of the characters in Kingdom Hearts. Therefore, she can be considered a bit isolated in this way as well.

1. The Color White

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