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Name Analysis

Judging by the common sky-water-land theme among the main trios in the Kingdom Hearts series, it is probably safe to assume that Naminé's name is drawn from the Japanese word for wave, nami. I think this name choice is interesting because Kairi's name means ocean. Not only does the simple water similarity represent their connection, but a wave is something that occurs within an ocean. A wave forms from the ocean temporarily, but it cannot last on it's own forever. The waves always rejoin the ocean once they hit the shore and the tide recedes. I thought this was very symbolic of Naminé's role as a part of Kairi. She has her own existence for a short period of time and is defined as her own person, but ultimately once she fulfills her purpose, she becomes one with Kairi once more.

Naminé's name is also interesting because she is the only nobody that has a name that is not taken from their counterpart. Of course she is not a member of Organization XIII like all of the others, but to me that seems to make the potential symbolism I mentioned before be even more evident. She has a special role and existence that none of the other nobodies have, so I suppose it is only natural that her name would stick out as well.

Waves, especially tidal waves, have numerous symbols in dream interpretations as well. They are said to indicate that you may have been holding in strong negative emotions for a long time and can potentially feel like you are drowning in them. They can represent tears that you are holding back in real life. In a more positive way, they can also symbolize a new start by washing away old habits and being in a new place. I think the importance placed on powerful emotions as well as starting anew could be drawn back to Naminé's character. In the beginning of Chain of Memories, she is certainly drowning in her loneliness and guilt. She is one of the few nobodies that expresses emotion vividly as well. Lastly, Naminé goes through a character growth that is almost like starting over again because she does away with her passivity and obedience.

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