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Journal Entries

Each Kingdom Hearts game contains a journal that keeps track of the various characters met and information about them. The following are all of the entries on Naminé:

Chain of Memories (Sora's story)
"A young witch who, under orders from Marluxia, rewrote much of Sora's memory.

Because Naminé based the false memories on Sora's feelings toward Kairi, Sora believed he and Naminé had been friends since childhood.

But truth be told, the two had never met before Castle Oblivion."

Chain of Memories (Riku's story)
"A young witch who can manipulate memories.

Under orders from the Organization, Naminé shadowed Kairi and altered Sora's memory. But the forgiveness in Sora's heart moved her to disobey those orders.

Now she watches over Sora until the reconstruction of his memories is complete."

Kingdom Hearts II
"A girl with the power to manipulate memories.
She seems to have some strong connection to Sora."

"A special Nobody whose counterpart is Kairi. Organization XIII exploited Naminé's unique powers to alter Sora's memory, but his true heart moved her to betray them.

For Sora's memory to be repaired, he had to enter a long sleep. During this time, Naminé found hurtful memories hiding deep in his heart. Hoping their story might come to light, she added a message to Jiminy's journal."

Dream Drop Distance
"Kairi's Nobody. Organization XIII used her special powers to manipulate Sora's memories, but in the end, Sora saved her. She ceased to exist after reuniting with Kairi."

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